Short Biography

Elias Papanikolaou was born in Athens in 1974. He studied painting (1991-1996) in the Αthens School of Fine Arts under Nikos Kessanlis. His works have been exhibited in 16 solo exhibitions: ARTIO gallery, Zoumboulaki gallery, Titanium gallery, Astrolavos gallery, Melanythros gallery, Cube gallery, Kaplanon 5 gallery, Metamorphosi gallery, Ikastikos Kiklos gallery, Syntagma Metro station, Grigoriadis Gallery, Ikastikos Kiklos DL gallery and in many other outstanding group exhibitions (London, Cyprus, New York, Paris, Smyrna, Istanbul) as well as in several auctions. He has illustrated poem collections, music discs, book covers, etc. In 2014 he starts his collaboration with ‘’Group Point Zero’’ for scenic installations. His artworks are included in public and private collections in Greece as well as in private collections in other countries (Athens School of Fine Arts, Municipal Gallery of Patras, Municipal Gallery of Kalamata, Municipal Gallery of Agrinio, Municipal Gallery of Karditsa, Vogiatzoglou Gallery, Moschandreou Gallery, American College of Greece, Athens Metro, Heineken Company, Schutz Art Museum, Kopelouzos Museum, Vorres Museum, ENIA GALLERY-DL gallery Felios collection, Logothetis collection, Drakos collection, Karelias collection, American director Oliver Stone’s collection, Kaan Terzioglu collection and in many other collections). He lives and works in Athens.

Solo Exhibitions


2018  Misreading

2016  Eutopia of Elias Papanikolaou

2015  On the journey of the line

2015  Poetic Wall

2013  Poetic routes

2013  On the terrace of childhood

2013  In the dance of painting touch

2013  The pose of pine needle

2011  On the breeze

2011  Painterly sonnets

2009  Contemplation

2006  Globalization

2000  Do you smoke?

1996  Take a matchbox of memory

Ikastikos Kiklos DL, Athens

Grigoriadis Gallery, Athens

"Eutopia" elite shop, Athens

Ikastikos kiklos gallery, Athens

Metamorfosis gallery, Thessaloniki

Syntagma Metro Station, Athens

Metamorfosis gallery, Thessaloniki

Cube gallery, Patras

Kaplanon5 gallery, Athens

Cube gallery, Patras

Melanythros art gallery, Athens

Astrolavos gallery, Athens

Titanium gallery, Athens

Zoumboulaki gallery, Athens

ARTIO gallery, Athens

Group Exhibitions (selection)

2018  Three generations of greek painting, engraving, sculpture (#2)

2018  ATHENS through collections of Moschandreou Museum




2018  Evasion #1




2015  The Book of Life

2012  Contemporary Greek Art

2011  Auction of Greek and Cypriot artists

2011  Auction of Contemporary Art

2011  Natura

2011  The CRISIS and Beyond

2008  Silent Dialogues

2008  Art, Life for the planet

2008  Forest-A margin in memory

2006  From the older generation to the new one

2000  Artquake

2000  Small paintings

1999  Artquake

1998  Non Stop Art

1997  Graduates 1996

1996  Monoprakta

1994  Heineken Art

Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation, Athens

Museum of the City of Athens

Galata School, Istanbul (curator: Kiriakos Petalidis)

Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Smyrna (curator : Kiriakos Petalidis)

Gallery of Macedonian Studies Company, Thessaloniki (curator : Kiriakos Petalidis

ESPACE CHRISTIANE PEUGEOT, Paris (cooperation of Depot art gallery with Espace Christiane Peugeot)

General Consulate of Greece, New York

"National Herald" (Historical building), Long Island City, New York

The Muses, Hamptons, New York

Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair, London

39th Pan-hellenic Conference of Endocrinology, Athenaum Intercontinental, Athens

Hilton, Nicosia (curator: Alpha Zmart auctions)

Zappeio  Megaro, Athens (curator: Gregory Kapopoulos)

Eugenides  Foundation – Planetarium , Athens (curator: Athena Schina)

Hellenic Centre, Great Hall, London

Multimedia portraits over time, American College of Greece (curator: Megakles Rogakos)

Exhibition-Auction Bonhams, Natural History Museum Goulandris

Eugenides Foundation-Planetarium, Athens

Ellinogermaniki Agogi (curator: Athena Schina)

Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens (curator: Vicky Drakou)

Zoumboulaki gallery, Athens

Benaki Museum, Athens (curator: Vicky Drakou)

Athens Hilton (curator: Vicky Drakou)

National Gallery, Athens

Santa Marina Hotel, Mykonos (curator: Vicky Drakou)

Titanium gallery, Athens

Some of the Participations, Illustrations, Presentations

2017  Book presentation: MOSCHANDREOU MUSEUM  "20 years of supply to Greek Culture", Athens School of Fine Arts – Amphitheater

2017  Illustration and presentation of the music disc "The lights in the square", Stavros tou Notou  (composer: Chrysostomos Karantoniou, singer: Panos Papaioannou, lyricist: Dimitris Papaharalampous), Feelgood Records

2016  Presentation on the state radio (ΕΡΤ) in the show "The Voice of Greece" (journalist: Zeta Karagianni)

2016  Presentation on the state TV (ΕΡΤ2) in the show "Duo Fina"

2015  Illustration of the (gallery) "Ikastikos Kiklos" calendar for the year 2016

2014  Participation of an artwork in the collectible book "ART project 35x35" by Kopelouzos Museum

2013  Illustration of the (newspaper)  "Iho Dimoprasion" calendar for the year 2014

2013  Illustration of the (newspaper) "Iho Dimoprasion"  cover

2012  Presentation on the state TV (NET) in the show "We stay in Greece"

2011  Illustration of the "Without here" poetic collection.  Poet: Dionysis Karatzas. Donti publications

2011  Presentation of the book "Painterly sonets" in Art-Athina by NEREUS PUBLISHERS

2010  Presentation-Flashback in the institute of contemporary art "Art - Act" by art critics Christos Michalopoulos and Christos Theofilis